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Life Coach

Adulting is hard! It’s easy to get carried away by your responsibilities and to ignore your inner voice that tells you how you feel and what you need, until you eventually lose touch with that voice altogether. As a result, problems arise in almost all areas of your life such as a lack of work-life balance, unhealthy habits and behaviors, relationship and communication issues, feeling unmotivated, losing control of your emotions, or feeling misunderstood. Fortunately, there are certain skills that you can learn to solve these problems and regain your balance.

Professional Experience

I have a special interest in the millennial demographic who need help to improve relationships, accomplish goals, unlearn negative habits and behaviors, build a positive daily routine that aligns with your values and desires, discover a career path, learn self-care and mindfulness, navigate through major life changes, and improve emotion regulation as well as stress management.

I help increase your emotional intelligence, which is a skillset that gives you the ability to identify and manage emotions, resolve conflict, engage in fulfilling relationships, and deal with a variety of situations at work, at home, and within the self. I help you to replace negative self-beliefs with empowering ones, while also helping you identify core values and inner strengths. My coaching modalities include positive psychology, a growth mindset approach, intentional change theory and motivational interviewing.

I am a first generation college graduate and am currently pursuing my Clinical Mental Health Counseling Master’s degree at Medaille College. I am also a certified Reiki level I and II practitioner and I incorporate a holistic approach to my coaching style. By doing what I love and teaching what I have learned along the way, I am passionate about helping you find your sense of self and create the life you want.

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